Strategic Influence Operation

RADAR: Research, Analysis, Development, Action, Results.

RADAR collects, evaluates, filters and collates information, turning raw data into results.

With a focus on linguistic analysis RADAR allows us to create a bespoke intervention service, bringing unprecedented results in risk mitigation and behavioural change, for both large scale operations or smaller, more concise tasks.

Risk Management

Business Continuity

STS supports our clients through the entire business continuity management process from initial scoping to business impact analysis, risk assessment, the development of strategies, documentation, implementation, awareness & training, and exercising of management teams.


Crises Preparedness and Response

STS helps develop strategies for diverse crises such as kidnap & ransom demands, political detentions, instability, extortion and terrorism, to enable clients to effectively deal with the 'unexpected'.


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

In addition to undertaking TSCM surveys of client facilities using our own highly developed procedures and state-of-the-art detection equipment, STS is also able to advise on the purchase and use of TSCM equipment and the training of in-house teams.


Due Diligence

STS conducts in-depth background checks to support the senior executive recruitment process and during mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers to verify the reliability and veracity of potential business partners or investors.


Strategic Risk & Security Audits

STS advises on the development and implementation of corporate security strategies, providing clients with an understanding of how their security risks are assessed and managed.


Threat Assessments

STS's threat assessments may be specific businesses, sites, facilities, assets, or individuals. Always conducted using experts in the particular field, our assessments help clients to understand risks and vulnerabilities and provide 'real-world' advice on how to mitigate them.


Physical Risk Surveys

STS is expert in helping clients to ensure that they have effective procedures, processes and resources to deal with the constantly changing threat environment, wherever in the world they may operate..


Penetration Testing

STS has vast expertise of penetration testing in both the Physical and Logical environments, and our comprehensive reports provide guidance and recommendations on appropriate measures to eliminate or mitigate identified vulnerabilities.


Business Intelligence

STS provides custom Business Intelligence to inform strategic and operational decisions and help our clients understand the operational environment, wherever in the world they may operate.



STS has teams of highly trained and experienced operatives and can undertake surveillance tasks in both urban and rural environments.


Forensic Sciences

Using the services of trusted partners, and with relationships dating back over twenty years, STS is able to offer a full range of forensic services.



STS has unequalled experience of conducting discreet and effective investigations, with particular expertise in the field of fraud, corruption, malpractice, brand and reputation protection, counterfeiting and 'grey' trading.

Specialist Training

STS offers a diverse range of specialist training courses, many of which are
designed in collaboration with clients to meet a specific need or to impart
particular skills. STS has particular expertise in the provision of training courses
and practical exercises.

Studying Cyber Crime Social Networks Riots in Thailand Syrian Conflict Kidnap Prevention Kidnap Prevention Syrian Conflict

Examples Of Training We Provide

» Fraud Workshops » Executive Awareness & Counter-Abduction » Hostile Environment Training
» Surveillance Awareness » Medical training (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced) » Maritime Anti-Piracy
» Executive/Defensive Driving » Travel Security Briefings » Kidnap & Ransom » Incident Resolution
» Extortion Demands » Crisis Response training » Technical Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance

About Us

Our Philosophy

Risk Management should be an integral part of every organisation's planning and decision making at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. Risk Management strategies should be based on the best available information, be pre-emptive, systematic and structured - whilst also being dynamic and responsive to change. They should inspire confidence and create value but remain transparent, inclusive and workable.

About STS Risk Group

With Headquarters in London and broad international reach, STS Risk Group Limited is an independent Risk Management consultancy providing bespoke impartial advice and an exceptional range of services to multi-national corporations, governments, international organizations, and private clients worldwide.